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4 Uses Of Retaining Walls

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A retaining wall can be a useful landscaping tool if you know what to do with it. Not many home owners fully appreciate the use of them, but if you get creative you can use a retaining wall to make your lawn look beautiful and to give it a world class look. Your neighbors will even stop over to thank you.

Here are 4 creative ways to use retaining walls to make your lawn more beautifully landscaped.

  1. Prevent soil shifting – This is the most common use of a retaining wall. If you have a lawn with a lot of soil that can shift in heavy rain or has a tendency to slide – for instance, near an embankment – and you want that soil to stay put, then a retaining wall can make that happen for you.
  2. Divider between garden and lawn – Many people use a retaining wall to simply keep their lawn grass from spreading into their flower beds and vegetable gardens. In this case, the retaining wall will keep both your lawn and your garden looking beautiful and keep the grass, the soil, the flowers, and whatever else you have, right where you want it.
  3. The boundary for a fountain, statue, or other lawn decor – Got a patio, a waterfall, fountain, or another lawn ornament you want to be in the limelight? A retaining wall can be the perfect boundary for your lawn decoration so that your lawn, soil, and other natural growers do not encroach upon your man-made ornaments.
  4. Partition your lawn – Many home owners delight in their landscaping prowess. If you have two or more sections of your lawn and each one features a different type of grass, a retaining wall can be the perfect separator between those sections. It is particularly useful when you have different elevations in your lawn.

Retaining walls can be used creatively to enhance your lawn and its natural elements as well as your own man-made decorative landscaping.

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