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Aluminum Fencing Benefits Homeowners’ Wallets

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When it comes to fencing a yard, homeowners face the dilemma of which fence will be the most durable, cost-effective and beautiful. Aluminum, wood and wrought iron are all able to provide a clear marker for property lines and can be great for keeping pets and small children safely enclosed in the yard. But not all fences are created equally. The choice can lead some homeowners into a war between their heart’s desire and their wallet’s reality.

Aluminum fencing is a more cost-effective and lower maintenance way to have the classic style of wrought iron. It will showcase and protect your home, but it will not bust your budget. The number one maintenance problem with wrought iron is oxidation. Aluminum fences are rust proof and have a special powder coating to ensure a high quality paint finish. Also, aluminum is far less expensive in both up front material cost and long-term maintenance. Keep in mind, too, that wrought iron fencing rarely comes with a warranty, but most aluminum fencing manufacturers provide warranties, many times for the life of the fence.

Having a wood fence is also a beautiful choice for your yard and is much less expensive than wrought iron. It is also less expensive than aluminum…initially. Wood does not rust, of course, but it is an organic material that will eventually succumb to the elements. Over time, the maintenance of a wood fence with the reseals and replacements, the insecticides and fungicides all add up and make wood fencing a high-maintenance option and, at the end of the day, a less cost-conscious choice.

Aluminum fencing is a great choice for the homeowner who is watching his or her bottom line. With low maintenance and many style and color options, designs and styles are many and can be tailored to fit any taste and landscape.



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