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Drip Irrigation Systems and Their Benefits

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Drip irrigation systems benefit you and your landscape on many levels. You may think this method is used only in desert regions, but they are popping up more frequently because installation and design are relatively uncomplicated and they have a lot to offer both do-it-yourselfers and professional landscapers.

So how does drip irrigation work? This slow, precise method of water delivery is like a leaking faucet — drop after drop of water drips directly on to the soil. The soil soaks up the water before it has the chance to evaporate or run off. When water hits the soil, it heads directly for plants’ roots, where it is needed most.

Aside from the application, there are many benefits to having a drip irrigation system installed. Because the water is going to specific locations where moisture is needed, you will find that the amount of water used to irrigate is decreased and this can lead to savings on your water bill. Also, you have complete control over when and where the water is going, as well as how much water is being used. You may see a difference inĀ  your plants’ appearance as they are undergoing less stress from variances in soil moisture. Furthermore, you can give individualized attention to each plant’s needs and you can water all of your plants at once. Because you are not watering every square inch of soil, you should see a decrease in weed growth.

And, generally, drip irrigation systems are less expensive to install. Talk to an experienced professional and find out if drip irrigation can benefit your landscape.

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