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Fall Lawn Care in Greenville

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Well, even though it’s hard to tell with the weather still in the high 90’s, fall is coming up quick. The hot summer days are getting numbered and its time to start figuring our what you want to do for your fall Greenville landscaping.

It’s time to start changing your gardening tactics as the fall weather comes in. The hardest thing to figure out is where you want to start and what you need to do. Landscaper Greenville can help you with this.

There is still some time left to soak up the heat, but the best time to start is about 6 weeks before the first signs of winter weather.

In order to prepare the lawn, coming up soon, you should sow cooler season grasses like rye and fescue. This will allow them an opportunity to germinate and maintain their root structires before the colder temperatures come in.

If you have a turfgrass, you should be getting ready to fertilize using a slow release natural fertilizer. With proper nutrition, the turfgrass will be able to store the food for the winter months, giving you a more beautiful lawn as the next season comes on.

This is also a good time to start thinking about herbicide for your lawn.

There are a number of things you can be doing during the later weeks of summer to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter.

Don’t wait too long! Not taking action on your lawn can leave you with many issues going into and after the winter. Visit our website for more information on lawn care in Greenville.

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