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Don’t Forget About the Mulch!

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Your plants, trees and shrubs need to be covered, and in most cases mulch is the best option. Mulch not only reduces water evaporation from the soil and maintains moisture, but also helps to reduce the amount of weeds that are able to grow.

Any Greenville landscaper will agree that you should be mulching, but most landscapers have different opinions on whether to go organic or chemical.

An organic mulch will typically save a little but more water than inorganic, but most mulches do a fair job regardless and lets face it: covering your soil at all is better than not.

Inorganic mulch are made to shade soil and conserve water, but don’t do anything to improve it. This kind of mulch is best utilized in fixed landscaping beds that you won’t be replanting.

Regardless of the kind of soil you have, organic mulches will generally improve it in most cases. Organic mulches do good things for almost any type of soils. It may take some time, but eventually, you will see some noticeable differences.

Using an organic mulch will add fertility to any sandy soil and help it to hold its nutrients and water and it can also loosen and drain out thick clay soil.

Organic mulches that are very high in lignin typically take the longest to break down and last longer.

Mulching is a very important part of landscaping in Greenville and Spartanburg that is often times forgotten about. If can, however, give very noticeable differences and generally requires almost no maintenance.

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