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Four Grasses to Give You a Beautiful Lawn

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Upstate South Carolina is located in what is known as the “Transition Zone” for growing grass. This zone, stretching from the central east coast to the eastern border of New Mexico, is considered the toughest place in the country to grow quality grass. The “transition” refers to climate zone. We are in the more southerly part of this zone, but we still have winters that can be hard on warm season grasses while summers may get too hot for cool season grasses. So what does all this mean for you and your chances to grow a beautiful lawn? You may want to consult an experienced landscaper, but there are four grasses that do well in our neck of the woods.

Zoysia is a hearty grass that usually starts with sodding, as the seeds can be hard to come by. This warm season grass will go dormant in the winter, but does not look dead during these months. Zoysia comes in many varieties and is tolerant of the shade.

Bermuda is another popular warm season choice for many homeowners. However, this type of grass loves full sun and does not do well in shade. The common variety is indigenous to our area, but there are many varieties to choose from and you may wish to use a hybrid seed that will give you a more disease and pest resistant lawn.

Centipede is another option for a warm season grass, but less common. You can choose to plant seed, sprig, plug or sod your lawn to get this grass established. Centipede is a good grass for those who want a beautiful lawn, but do not want a lot of maintenance.

Fescue is the cool season grass of the group and it tends to stay green for at least ten months out of the year in our area. There are several varieties of fescue, but if this is the grass that appeals to you, be prepared for a beautiful, but high maintenance lawn.

Having a beautiful lawn in the Upstate may seem like a tough decision and a lot of work, but there are experts who can help you determine which grass will not only look great, but thrive in your yard.

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