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Is Your Greenville Grass Looking a Little Brown?

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Often times, when grass starts losing color and turning brown, the first thing people look at to blame is their sprinkler system.

While your irrigation system can be a factor worth looking into, you should first take a look at your watering habits. If you do not adjust your watering for periods of time that are hotter, you could very well be wasting water that is only going to get evaporated before it actually waters the grass, plants, trees, etc.

The most important thing to do is to allow extra time so that enough water can actually get down to the roots to water the plants.
Greenville Landscaper GrassThese brown spots, or “hot spots,” may be caused by a number of things other than lack of water:

  • Over Fertilization- too much fertilizer can actually burn the grass turning it brown. Watering the patches thoroughly can help to take care of this
  • Animals- pets and other wild animals can cause brown spots. Like over fertilization, the grass gets an excess of nitrogen, causing it to turn brown. Luckily, the cure is the same as above: water the areas thoroughly and you should be fine.
  • Traffic- walking around the lawn too much can also cause the area to brown. If the brown areas look to be in somewhat of a path, this may be the case. To solve this, you should try aerating your lawn to allow the water the get down into the soil in areas that it becomes more compact from walking.
  • Over Watering- Whoever said too much of a good thing is a bad thing was right. Too much water can actually kill the grass by drowning the roots, causing them to rot. If this is the case, you are going to need to reseed the area. Make sure afterward to watch the area, as there is probably some reason that spot was geting to much water and others weren’t.
  • There are some other factors such as disease and lawn pests that can cause brown spots in your Greenville landscaping. If you are not sure what the problem is, contact Landscaper Greenville and we will be happy to help you solve your problem.

    Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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