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Keeping a Green and Beautiful Lawn

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Greenville Lawn CareSo, were getting into the heat of the summer and the million dollar question is simple: how can I keep my lawn to stay green?

There are a number of products you can find at the local home improvement store and, while some can be good and can help your lawn, there are a number that are going to end up doing more harm than good.

It is a good idea to check with your local Greenville landscaper before using any chemicals or other products on your lawn.

You should also keep in mind, fertilizing is really only necessary a couple of times a year; over fertilization can lead to a unwanted increase in growth and can also lead to brown patches, disease and can even kill your lawn if you aren’t careful.

Also remember to only fertilize when the lawn is dry. Fertilizing wet grass will cause the fertilizer to stick to the grass and can burn the blades.

Let your lawn grow! If you let your lawn grow out a little bit longer during the summer, you can cut back on mowing (and on hours out in the hot sun). Taller blades of grass cut back on the soil’s water evaporation, which is especially high during the summer.

Don’t forget about your lawnmower. It’s one of the more expensive parts of landscaping and should be treated as such. Change the spark plugs, check the gasoline, oil, check for any debris and make sure the blade is set to the correct height. Don’t spend all that money on a fancy lawnmower and then forget to take care of it!

Water smart. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to drown your lawn, in fact that can actually hurt your lawn. If you water in the morning, you can save water because you are giving your lawn ample time to digest the water you are feeding it.

Also remember, its better to water early a couple time a week than to water lightly several times a week. Allowing the roots to soak encourages growth and helps to maintain your lawn during the hotter weather.

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