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Greenville and Spartanburg Summer Gardening Tips

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Maintaining your garden in South Carolina during the summer months isn’t always the easiest task to complete. With rising temperatures, many flowers and plants in your garden may not be able to withstand the heat without proper care.

Getting water to the root zone is imperative and should be at the top of your list in order to maintain any landscaping in the Greenville and Spartanburg area. Using adequate mulch with the soil, when planting, will help to lower the evaporation rate. Also, watering in the morning can help to reduce the rate or evaporation.

Be sure to fertilize regularly, as many plants are capable of growing rapidly during the summer months.

Installing an irrigation system can help to reduce the amount of work required to maintain your garden during these warmer months.
Also be sure to cut off any dead flowers and pinch back stems in order to encourage new growth and blooming.

Summer Plants will need higher amounts of organic matter in order for them to retain water properly. You will also want to water to a depth of about a foot and frequently enough so that the soil stays moist, but does not become soggy.

Trees and shrubs will not require are much water as flowers, but should not be neglected. Trees and shrubbery in Greenville and Spartanburg will need a watering depth of a few inches and should be fertilized properly.

Maintaining your garden during the summer doesn’t have to be a difficult task, if done properly and with care. For more information about gardening and landscaping, visit our homepage.

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