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Shine On! Landscape Lighting for Beauty and Security

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After a wonderful evening out, how many times have you pulled into your driveway to find your beautiful yard and home looking like the neighborhood haunted house? Your first thought: “Oh no! I forgot to leave a light on for myself again!” This is particularly daunting to those of us with detached garages. Stumbling around in the dark, trying to find keys, not sure what (or who!) might be lurking, missing the path and wandering off into wet grass or mud — sound familiar?

You may have considered putting up security lights, such as motion sensing flood lights. While these work for lighting your way to and from the house at night, they can be unattractive in the daytime hours and you would hate for visitors to feel like they are in a spotlight when they pull in for a visit. When the motion light goes off, your house is darkened again, an attractive target for residential criminals who stay in the shadows and away from the sensors. Consider an alternative: low voltage landscape lighting. Landscape lighting not only adds security, but beauty to your home and yard.

Landscape lights are subtle, so you always see the illumination, not the light itself. A variety of lights showcase the architectural elements of your home and highlight your landscape. Imagine your koi pond transformed into a reflecting pool. Your favorite garden spot takes on a moonlit glow and your winding pathways are safely marked for you and your guests. Landscape lighting transforms your house into a warm, welcoming home and your patio into a romantic, intimate living space.

Professional installers can program the transformer in several ways to highlight elements of your landscape and house. They can also install eco-friendly, power saving photocells so lights power on at dusk and extinguish at dawn, never allowing you to come home to a dark house. With added security and beauty, landscape lighting is an investment that can add value to your home and give you peace of mind. Sit outside a little longer and entertain a little later — it’s possible for you to see your home and landscape in a whole new light.

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