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Use Your Landscaping to Keep Your Bills Down (part 2)

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As mentioned in my previous post, you can strategically place trees, plants and other items around your landscape in order to keep heat from coming into your home during the hot summer months.

Well, very similarly, you can also place properly selected plants in order to protect your home from wind. By doing this, you can prevent cooler air from reaching your home and therefor helping your heater from becoming overworked during the cooler months.

Visit our website for more information about new plantings to protect your home from winds.

Essentially a windbreak is able to lower the wind chill (wind that causes the temperature to drop) around your home. So with a windbreak, you are able to lower the wind speed for a given distance around your home.

So, to clarify, a lower wind speed basically means higher temperature, which means your heating system won’t have to make up for the drop in temperature (as much) due to the windchill.

Along with certain trees and vines, you can also plant shrubs close to the ground, which will help especially well in preventing snow from getting too close to the home.

With a combination of both cold weather landscape windbreaks and warm weather shade plants, you can very effectively keep your bills considerably lower year round.

While this can become a very complex task to accomplish, our Greenville landscapers are very familiar with this, and all sorts of different landscape design tactics to not only make your home beautiful, but also save you money while doing so.

Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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