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Lawn Disease- A Common Problem For Greenville Landscapers

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Summer is an ideal time for disease (and a painful time for Lanscapers in Greenville) to take over lawns. Typically disease can come from over-fertilization or improper watering seem to be the main factors of lawn disease.

As discussed in my previous post disease is not the only factor of brown spots and dead spots, but disease is a very common factor in the Summer months.

Fertilization can be a very touchy aspect of Greenville Landscaping. We all want our lawn to stay dark, green and full all year long, but it is very important to remember that there is a such thing as too much fertilizer and using too much can be detrimental to your lawn and other plants.

Remember that cool season grasses (bluegrass, ryegrass, fescue, etc.) grow better during the cooler months of Spring and Fall and grow much slower during the Summer months. That being said, you should focus your fertilization on those months and lay off a bit during the Summer to allow for the slowed growth.

Using higher nitrogen fertilizer during the Summer on these kinds of grass is a very common mistake by homeowners. Although they advertise that it will make your lawn lush and green, for cool season grasses, this can severely damage, disease or even kill your lawn and heavy watering will only enhance this effect.

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The best way to avoid these problems is to use a low nitrogen, release fertilizer and water only in the early morning; avoid watering in the afternoon and evenings. Watering early will ensure that the soil surface dries more quickly after sunrise.

Watering later at night or in the evening leaves your lawn susceptible to microscopic fungi and other diseases that prosper during times of extended moisture.

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