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Love the Yard; Hate the Lawn Maintenance

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Mowing, raking, weeding, trimming, edging…sounds like a list of punishments for an unruly teenager. But this is your yard we’re talking about here! Your pride and joy, your haven and showplace! However, unless you’re prepared to spend hours maintaining it month after month, year after year, all the great landscaping you planned so carefully can start to look a little…feral.

Do you drive past a neighbor’s yard every morning and wonder how they keep it so perfect all the time? Chances are, they have called in the professionals. And this may be the answer for you too. True lawn and landscape maintenance requires doing more than the bare minimum. Mowing grass and trimming the hedges will not keep your landscape looking its best. If you are clueless when it comes to spreading lime, aerating fescue, fertilizing, insecticides, and fungus, you may need some help. Even if you do know the when’s and how’s of good lawn maintenance, you may be more likely to pull out your hair than pull up a weed.

An experienced lawn service loves keeping your lawn and landscape looking like a postcard, which may be the opposite of how you feel. Let the experts use their equipment and supplies and save yourself from having to store more stuff in your outbuilding. They have the tools, time, and know-how to keep your lawn looking great year-round. For a flat monthly rate, in most cases, they will descend on your lawn like an army and take care of every weed, fallen leaf, and detrimental fungus that deigns to show up in your yard. A lawn service may save you some money in the long run, but they will definitely save you time, energy, and headaches.

Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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