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New Plants — In the Fall?

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While many folks associate new plants with spring, there are many who feel fall is a great time to establish new plants in your landscape. You may be hesitant to plant this time of year because of early cold snaps and because you may not see your neighbors doing it. But there are many benefits to adding new plants to your garden now, so don’t be afraid get a jump start on beautifying your garden.

New planting in the fall is good for you! Of course, fall in the Upstate is different than fall in Vermont, but a good rule of thumb is to place your new plantings in the ground about six weeks before the first hard frost.You can enjoy the cooler weather and time outside as the days grow shorter. There are also good sales on plants this time of year. Just make sure any plants that you purchase are nice and healthy.

Fall planting is good for the plants too. The soil is still warm in the fall and this encourages roots to grow. With some of our milder winters, root growth may continue throughout the winter months. Fertilizing your fall plants is not recommended, as it causes roots to grow too quickly and the new growth will not be established enough to survive the first frost. But when spring time rolls around, the roots will continue their growth at a more accelerated pace. The bottom line is that plants you installed in the warm soils of fall have a head start compared to those planted in the cool soils of spring.

Plants established in the fall are, naturally, not threatened by scorching heat spells and less likely to wilt during long periods of drought. As the temperature turns milder, danger from pests and disease decreases as bugs are starting to hunker down for the winter and lower humidity makes the environment inhospitable for disease organisms. And, of course, cooler temps mean fewer weeds and this is always welcome news in the garden.

Landscapers with experience in new plantings can help you determine which plants will work well in your yard this time of year. They can also help you determine where to place them and give you tips on maintenance — or they can do it for you! With a little planning now, you can reap the benefits of fall planting for months to come.

Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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