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Paver Patios Installed by Landscapers in Greenville

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What is a paver patio you ask?

A Paver patio is simply the group of small, thick stones that provide a tasteful touch of landscaping in your backyard, garden patio or deck area, which you can arrange into a pattern that you desire.

Paver patios are perfect for your grill, chiminea, pergola or anything else you may have as part of your Greenville landscaping. In fact, a paver patio can even outlast a solid cooking concrete slab.

Brick paving is often times preferred over a solid concrete slab, as over time, concrete can become weak due to repeated freezing and thawing. With a paver patio, this becomes less of a problem since the patio paving is not a solid piece of concrete and is split up into many small thicker bricks.

Click Here to see a paver patio and pergola that we just finished installing.

Many Greenville landscapers prefer to use paving over a concrete slab because of the many structural advantages, as well as a gained aesthetic appeal added to your landscaping.

Most brick patio pavers need about 4 inches of sand as a base underneath the stones to provide cushion between the ground and bricks and prevents the stones from becoming unleveled.

Installation includes digging out the ground in order to set the pavers and laying the sand to provide as the cushion, which can all be done by a local landscaper in Greenville.

Be sure to have your plans organized before going into any installation stages and contact a Greenville landscaper if you need any help with installation.

Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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