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Proper Installation: The Key to Patio Paradise

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Whether you want natural flagstone to enhance the organic beauty of your landscape or concrete pavers to provide a durable setting for your outdoor living space, proper installation is the key to having your patio provide years of enjoyment.

Patios play an important role in our landscapes. They must bear the weight of people and all the things that people place on them; they provide safe walkways and surfaces for our grills, chairs, and tables; and they beautify our homes. Patios do all this while withstanding harsh conditions above and below the pavers. Rain, snow, ice, sun, and ground moisture can wreak havoc on your treasured patio. To keep it looking amazing for years to come, having the patio installed correctly will save you the headaches caused by breaking pavers, pooling water, and sneaky weeds.

Installation consists of much more than digging a couple of inches into the soil, sticking pavers into the mud and calling it a day. “Excavation” may sound intimidating, like something from an archaeological dig, but what it really means is providing a stable foundation for the pavers by digging several inches into dry soil. Expert landscapers will dig at least seven inches below grade, adding a gradual slope for water drainage.

A properly installed paver sits on four inches of a compacted gravel aggregate and some experts include granite sand in this layer before adding an inch of sand for extra durability. So, for example, if your paver stone is 2 ½ inches thick, you will have 7 ½ solid inches beneath your feet. These layers provide a sturdy base for the paver stone, yielding extra strength to withstand both weight and outside elements.

Settling for shortcuts with the installation of your patio is simply a bad idea. If you want to invest in a patio that will provide you with fifteen to thirty years of relaxation, grilling, and socializing — with the added bonuses of bringing beauty to your landscape and value to your home– have it installed right the first time.

Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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