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The Real Dirt about Spring

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Spring is here! Although it may not feel like it just yet, the temperatures will be rising soon. Therefore, it is important to be proactive and get your lawn ready for the season.

Whether you are beginning a large outdoor project, an edible garden, or planting one plant, the first thing you should do is test your soil. A soil test is perfect for you to know what nutrients are already in the soil. As plants need specific nutrients to grow properly, soil tests will show you nutrients you have, as well as, test the pH of the soil. Soil tests also provide recommendation for fertilizer or lime application, which will optimize the growth of your specific plants. It is recommended that those in the Upstate should conduct a soil test in very early spring (i.e. RIGHT AWAY!). Upstate soil has a habit of being a tad bit acidic, so application of lime is most always needed. The breakdown and absorption of lime takes a while; therefore, one should plan in advance.

If you do your homework while deciding what to use in your landscape, you can reduce the amount of work in the long haul. If you choose plants that are appropriate for your yard and climate, you will reduce the amount of fertilizer and lime needed, as well as, the amount of watering the plants will need. Native plants require less attention, as they can survive on rainfall alone. Droughts are not uncommon in our area, which is why it is important to brainstorm other ideas to protect our natural resources. Some ideas to reduce wasting resources include managing run off and increasing infiltration of rainwater back into the soil.

For those of you who maintain your own lawn, your lawn mower and other equipment need to be maintained annually. Cleaning and lubricating your motor are things that should be done seasonally. Dirt can cause damage and deteriorate the life of your equipment. Other procedures that should be done to help your equipment’s efficiency include:
• Cleaning the underside of the deck to prevent clogs
• Checking for leaks
• Installing new spark plugs
• Cleaning fuel tank
• Changing oil filter
• Sharpening your blade

If you maintain your equipment, you will be able to maintain your landscape! If you just don’t have time for all the work that your lawn needs to reach its fullest potential, hire professionals! We are here to make your life easier and give you the lawn you’ve always dreamed. Not in our area? Check out a list of our approved landscapers in other areas!

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