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Retaining Wall Design

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Thinking about adding a retaining wall to your landscape? These features can be used simply for decorative appeal or they can provide a real service. Either way, you want your wall to be structurally sound from day one or you will find yourself dumping money into repairs a lot faster than you think.

There is an art to retaining wall design and installation, so much so that installers can opt to become nationally certified in their craft. An expert retaining wall installer has to intimately know the characteristics of your landscape and soil in order to design a wall that will last. From the soil profile and the condition of the ground water on your property, an installer can get an idea of what your wall should look like, both in terms of materials and function. Of course, he or she will also work with you to achieve a desired look and price point. Without an expert in charge of designing and installing your wall, you could face the evil duo of structural failure: tilting and cracking. No material — whether it be wood, concrete, or brick — is safe from these problems if the wall is not installed correctly. Your trusted installer should be very familiar with lateral earth pressure, sliding bases, overturning, and soil bearing.

You may require little of your wall, perhaps just a “sitting wall” that can accommodate guests as they gather on your patio. Or you may need your wall to keep soil from naturally collapsing from a slope. Whatever you need to get from your retaining wall,¬† having it built to last¬† will be an investment in improving your landscape.

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