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Save Time and Hassle with Irrigation System

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Nothing is less appealing than watering your lawn and garden. Carefully determining the correct time of day and then moving the sprinkler from one end of the yard to another, getting tangled up in a hose pipe and watering yourself more than your plants is not a wonderful way to spend a morning or evening. When new grass is being established, watering has to happen at regular intervals and there is always the danger of “over watering.” The last thing you want to see is your grass seed washing into your neighbor’s yard because you had an emergency and forgot to turn off the hose.

A professionally installed irrigation system helps eliminates these problems and makes having a perfect and healthy lawn possible. The system is set to a timer, so you can have your irrigation going before dawn, when your plants, grass, and trees do not have to compete with the hot sun for moisture. By the time you finish your coffee and head to work, your landscape is perfectly watered.

Additionally, every lawn and garden has unique needs depending on the design of your landscape. An off-the-shelf system cannot differentiate between shaded areas and those that are in full sun, or where your flowers are competing with trees for water. A professional system utilizes multiple types of sprinklers chosen especially for the unique needs of your lawn and garden.

Professional installation gives you peace of mind that your system has been installed correctly. The lines are buried deep to protect against future problems and the experts take into account the slope of your property, the layout of your landscape, and can even take water from alternative sources, such as wells and lakes. You can also rest assured that only quality materials from reputable manufacturers have been installed to give you value and quality.

Irrigation systems require more than the hose pipe and rotating sprinkler. Trust your lawn’s watering needs to experienced professionals and you will be pleased with the results and with the time you save. But keep that old sprinkler handy. You never know when the kids (or you!) will want to kick off their shoes and run through it on a hot summer day.

Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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