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Sprinkler Systems for Greenville and Spartanburg Area

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If you’re someone who would rather set a timer than go out and water your lawn yourself, then for you, a sprinkler system is the greatest lawn commodity ever invented. Sprinkler system installation in the Spartanburg and Greenville area is relatively quick and painless process.

With Landscaper Greenville, a local irrigation contractor, we can help make sure all of your irrigation needs are taken care of to help give you the most beautiful lawn in town. If you want your lawn to healthy without the worry of forgetting to water, an irrigation system will complement your landscaping beautifully.

Now you may be wondering, whats the difference between between our systems and everybody else’s? Many sprinkler systems installed in Greenville and Spartanburg are poorly designed and misplaced.

With Landscaper Greenville, we will centralize all of your valves, rather that scatter them throughout the yard, making them much more accessible when needed. Many times people will displace them, or even hide them, so its very hard to find when you need to shut off an area.

Planning out the design of an irrigation system requires carefully analyzing the current and potential future layout of your yard. With Landscaper Greenville, we will attentively plan out and design your irrigation system so that each section of your yard is getting the necessary water based on location of trees, shade and different areas of your landscaping.

For larger areas we will install rotating heads; for smaller areas we will install pop-up spray sprinklers; and drip irrigation when necessary.

Our timers are also very simple and easy for anybody to figure out and use, without skipping on the necessary features and we use low pressure drain valves so that the water will only drain while the system is not in use.

We realize there are many options when it comes to installing an irrigation system, so we have made it our goal to not only install sprinklers, but to design an irrigation system.

Written by Rich Regan - Blue Dot Landscaping - Visit Website

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