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Summer Gardening Tips for the Greenville and Spartanburg Area

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Every year is different, which means you’re going to have to employ different gardening techniques each year to fit the conditions. There are, however, a few gardening techniques that are synonymous with the hot summer months in the Greenville area.

As the summer goes on, each garden is going to have a different set of needs and it is very important to pay close attention if you want your garden to survive the entire season.

Firstly, you need to be sure that you are watering not only your garden, but all of your Greenville landscaping, in order to maintain life. This is especially true with new plantings, which will need extra care until they have become accustomed to their new home.

Landscaper Greenville GardenSpring-blooming plants and shrubs care benefit greatly from Summer pruning after their blooming season completes. By doing this, you can help to ensure new growth and increase the next years bloom.

Summer is often a time for pests and disease to come into your Greenville garden. Summer blooming will attract many different types of critters–some good, some bad. Be sure you are taking proper measures in order to keep any pests out, while still encouraging the friendly critters.

Summer is supposed to be a time of beautiful flowers and lush green lawns, don’t fall victim to Summer landscaping ailments because you don’t want to get out in the heat! Maintaing your beautiful lawn and garden isn’t the easiest thing to do, but the result of doing so is priceless!

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