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Weeds Growing in Your Greenville Landscaping?

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Many people think that weeds will just go away if they go to the store and buy some kind of chemical spray. This might be a short term solution, but in the end, the weeds will usually just come back.

There are, however, alternative to these lawn sprays and chemicals that can actually get rid of the weeds.

The first thing you need to know is pretty simple: what is a weed? Essentially a weed is a fast spreading plant that seeks out to take place of other nearby plants.

Knowing how to identify weeds can help significantly in the extermination of them.

There are a number of cheap and organic ways to get rid of weeds in your Greenville landscaping without having to use chemicals.

Using much can help to eliminate weeds before they develop their complex root system. It is recommended that you apply new mulch every year a few inches think. Mulching also has many other benefits for your landscaping.

Hoeing can remove the weeds from any gardens, but it may need to be removed by hand if it has already begun to flower because of the complex root system. The seeds can survive and come right back if not removed.

You can also use boiling water to get rid of weeds in some places. If you pour the boiling water directly on the weed, it can effectively kill the entire plant. You don’t want to get it anywhere near other plants however, because it can also kill them in the process.

The best method, however, will always remain: manual removal. The best times to remove weeds is when the soil is soft after rains.

Weeds can be a nuisance, but they aren’t difficult to get rid of if you take the time. Feel free to contact us if you need any help with any landscaping in Greenville.

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