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What Would You Do with More Space?

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Outbuildings, garages, and pole barns are a great way to free up some room in your house and landscape. And they can be as lovely and unique as your home. An outside building creates so much additional storage space, you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Where is your golf cart right now? What about your ATV, lawn mower — even your rakes and tools? If that classic car you tinker on had its own garage, how much more room would you have? Reduce your clutter and increase your home’s value by adding an outbuilding or garden shed to your property. These structures can be custom-built to your specifications and tailored to fit your needs. They can include electricity or even an upstairs area with a bathroom and shower, perfect for rinsing off after spending a hot day working in the yard.

All outdoor buildings should be erected to code and experts can help you determine the best location for them based on your soil type and the slope of your property. The construction is built to withstanding the elements, such as sun, wind, rain, and even the occasional snow flurry that sometimes wanders into the Upstate. Structural integrity is a must for your outbuilding, garage, or barn. Designers and builders pay close attention to the foundation of your structure. As an investment in your property, you want your outbuilding to be as soundly built as your home.

The pros take your landscape into consideration to design an aesthetically pleasing structure. Personalize your building with flooring options — dirt floors and concrete slabs are only a couple of choices available. You may want the siding to mirror your house or perhaps you have always dreamed of having a big, red barn. The size and look of your outbuilding is up to your imagination, but professional builders deliver on durability. And, of course, don’t forget about all the extra space your building will provide you.


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